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Smart city

Utopia Technology and Huawei Wireless Access Points are Helping Smart Cities Become a Reality

As the Internet of Things exponentially becomes more important to everyday life, it increasingly becomes the Internet of People.

Cities all over the world are clamouring to become true Smart Cities and Huawei is at the cutting edge of delivering improved services and enhanced lifestyle experiences through its innovative and cutting-edge range of related products.

One typical example is Gelsenkirchen in Germany which wanted to converge key data from city operations and management systems, so managers could respond intelligently to a variety of governance, livelihood, and business needs. Partnering with Huawei has created the country’s first Safe City solution.

Utopia Technology are working closely with Huawei to bring these disruptive products to market, offering solutions to a huge and disparate range of educational organisations, businesses, transport providers and even whole cities, all over the world.

Typical examples amongst them are:

  • Guests of the Queen Elizabeth 2 cruise ship hotel who can enjoy an ultimate Wi-Fi experience. From the standard rooms to luxury suite balconies, and from the swimming pool to the golf course, all guests can conveniently and flexibly enjoy a mobile office as well as leisure and entertainment.
  • Dubai International Airport where a Modular Data Centre Complex (MDCC) will carry services that cover almost every aspect of the airport, including flight information and airport operations, passenger transportation and baggage services, connectivity and Internet services, video surveillance, enterprise business operations, and maintenance. Featuring resilience, quick deployment, reliability, energy-conservation, easy maintenance, and cost effectiveness, the MDCC provides powerful support to carry out highly efficient business operations in Dubai Airports.
  • Teachers and staff can deliver technology-based lesson in Ethiopia. The Huawei network enables teachers and students to enjoy smooth Internet access experience in the wireless office and learning network environment and sets a new campus network benchmark.

These examples, along with the likes of Honda dealerships in China and Brazil’s digital banking system, are just a few of over 200 projects in 30 countries that have recognised the pre-eminence of Huawei in this increasingly complex but ever-growing influence on all our lives.

Utopia Technology have the products and services that turn cutting edge into leading edge. Together we are better. Call us on 0333 241 2526.


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