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Wireless access

Our Range of Huawei Products Deliver an Excellent User Experience in Hotels, Pubs, Offices and Anywhere that Multiple Access is Desirable.

The traditional dispersed installations of wireless access points are prone to coverage gaps, performance related issues and can be difficult to manage.

A centralised access point with distributed smaller and specific end-user access points helps overcome these issues, providing staff, customers and other visitors with an exceptional service.

At Utopia technology, we have the ideal solution for any installation using components from the world-leading Huawei range of wireless access equipment.

With Huawei user remote units, a solution for small to medium locations can be easily packaged. An extensive choice of remote units allows us to create a specific package type to provide a wireless solution in to hospitality environments at a significantly reduced overhead to customers.

Here are just a few of the terrific benefits available at very competitive costs, all supported by our renowned sales and after-sales service:

  • Composed of a central access point and remote units (RUs). The central AP can be deployed in the equipment room and the remote units are placed in each room connected by Ethernet cable.
  • Easy to manage.
  • Flexible deployment modes ensure full signal coverage without coverage holes.
  • Long distance coverage.
  • Encrypted security standards.
  • Bring Your Own Device features – identifies device types, delivery of quality of service, security policies according to device types.
  • Spectrum analysis – Identifies interference sources such as baby monitors, Bluetooth devices, digital cordless phones, wireless audio transmitters, wireless game controllers and microwave ovens.
  • Plug-and-play – automatic deployment and configuration loading. Unified management and maintenance on the access controller.

The innovative and unrivalled R&D input at Huawei together with our investment in training and implementation offer users in all installations an unbeatable solution.

Read more <here> and see our complete range of affordable and scalable solutions.


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