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5G Europe

Europe is Well Advanced in Getting 5G and Needs to Stay Ahead

As the political temperature around Huawei’s role in the UK rises, mobile phone operators face a major dilemma in their plans for 5G.

They want to keep using the firm’s equipment because they like what it offers, not only in price but quality.

“Huawei have two unique advantages,” says one technology chief. “They have significantly more engineers working on R&D than other suppliers and they are prepared to innovate for a specific customer. ”

Mobile 5G

Major operators recognise the need for the highest possible security on the most sensitive parts of our networks but believe a ban on Huawei would be a disaster for the roll-out of 5G and for the UK’s role in a vital technology.

Rory Cellan-Jones, technology correspondent for the BBC, says the decision is a crucial one for the continued success of technology in Britain.

His full article can be read <here>

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