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BA breach

BA Breach Could Happen to any Company, Regardless of Size.


The theft of some 380,000 pieces of customer data stolen from the BA website recently was caused when a hacker inserted a simple slug of code into BA’s online payment forms.

The big worry for BA and every other online retailer is that it happened at all. Recently, Ticketmaster UK reported a similar type of attack, warning customers that their personal and payment information may have been accessed by an unknown third-party.

There is also the fact that it took BA and its cyber security operators 16 days to become aware of the breach, find it and fix it.

Utopia Technology believe that Forcepoint, a recognised world leader in all forms of cyber security, might have been able to prevent such breaches.

Forcepoint Web Security has 52% better efficacy than their closest competitor, offering clients of all sizes peace of mind protection against such breaches and real-time identification to minimise risk and consequences.

Chris Sulej, commercial director of Utopia Technology, said,

“Our relationship with Forcepoint enables us to offer innovative technology, decades of experience and clear vision to help solve critical security issues.

“Forcepoint is not just a best-in-class web security solution.

“It’s a new approach to cyber security never seen before and as technology and users’ needs evolve, Forcepoint constantly look to expand their offerings.”

BA and Ticketmaster both blamed a third-party support customer service chat application for the data breaches.

Companies much smaller than BA and Ticketmaster are still at risk from third party intervention. Forcepoint web security can deliver bespoke packages geared precisely to each customer’s needs.

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