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5G Coverage will Enable Smart Cities with Enhanced Connectivity.

As more cities seek to achieve “Smart City” status, tests will begin on 5G coverage.

High-speed mobile internet is to be tested in the West Midlands before a national rollout, financed by up to £75m of public investment to develop 5G coverage.

Technology projects using 5G are expected to begin early next year, with the focus on health, construction and automotive sectors.

The test will also involve car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover to develop driverless cars and autonomous vehicles, which will be able to “talk” to each other and traffic management systems.

Chris Sulej, commercial director of Utopia Technology, said,

“Our main aim is to get businesses thinking about how they can use higher speed mobile services to improve their businesses. For example, we work with food delivery companies to help them constantly monitor the temperature of goods in vehicles and instantly reporting when or if there is a failure in the cooling systems. Goods can quickly be diverted to another location closer by and so avoid spoilage.

“The introduction of 5G will make these safeguards even more efficient and effective.

“Utopia Technology is also deeply involved in the development and implementation of super connectivity to help business and whole cities work smarter and more effectively. Again, 5G will greatly enhance the efficacy of our solutions.”

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