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Food and Drink Providers Including Manufacturers, Retail, Pubs and Restaurants Face Big Fines if they Fail to Monitor the Risks of Legionella

Every year in the UK, there are numerous prosecutions for organisations that have failed to minimise the risks of legionella in their premises.

According to statistics provided by Public Health England. There were 49 reported cases of Legionnaire’s Disease in March 2018 alone.

Companies and their water treatment contractors have been handed six-figure fines, as have leisure and sports facilities. An hotel in Shropshire had to close after the death of a guest staying there.

Heavy fines have been the punishment, of which some were significant enough to put companies out of business altogether, but there has also been a case of involuntary manslaughter heard in court, which could result in life imprisonment.

People contract Legionnaires’ disease by inhaling small droplets of water (aerosols), suspended in the air, containing the bacteria. Certain conditions increase the risk from legionella, such as where water is stored and/or re-circulated

Monitoring is absolutely vital as Legionella is a potential risk to any business as it can be found in any water system where the correct conditions exist for the bacteria to grow and multiply.

Utopia is working closely with Invisible Systems of Cumbria to provide those businesses who are at risk with innovative and highly effective monitoring

Chris Sulej, commercial director of Utopia Technology, said,

“Invisible Systems Realtime Online is a complete system that will improve the quality of legionella monitoring and water hygiene whilst notably reducing the cost of conditions testing and compliance reporting.

“Using continuously improving hardware and cloud software, along with specialist know-how in water management and legionella prevention, we offer efficient and accurate data collected whilst ensuring auditable compliance.”

The simple and easy to install temperature probes and GPRS Cellular gateways provide a non-intrusive cost-effective solution to expensive manual temperature record collection. The system can compare data from a single or multi-site and have it displayed on Realtime Online dashboard which is easy to read and displays compliance data that meets the requirements of HSG274 Part 2.

Utopia Technology partners with leading technology providers such as Invisible Systems to future proof client networks from all eventualities.

Our dedicated Sales and Technical teams are very well qualified to enable us to deliver seamless support to End Users throughout the complete lifecycle of the Solution.

We have the products and services that turn cutting edge into leading edge, to find out more call us on 0332 414 100 and see how together we are better.